Back for Seconds of Non-Equilibrium

Back for Seconds of Non-Equilibrium
Back From a One Year Writing Hiatus Just in Time!
After a one year hiatus on writing, I are putting pen to paper again. My 2017 Market outlook got a lot right. US Equities, in fact global equities, rallied strongly. The S&P 500 gained 22% for the year. Oil moved much higher, and has more room to grow. Gold did not move much lower, I missed that one. I expected turmoil in South Asia and a grand compromise of CRU, China-Russia-US. I feel the same way about India this year, and despite the blustery headlines, I believe the American hand is quite strong and China and Russia will come to the table for a grand security bargain. In my view, it is a matter of when, not if. More to come on my 2018 outlook.
I am excited because, after what seemed like a long break, the core complexity science based model has signaled the presence of a period of low predictability, or narrow corridor. In these periods, widely used models (be they long/short value or AI-based quant) tend to perform poorly. As is the strategy, I waited for the simplest implied directional signal in this environment, and that is upward. I are expecting a notable move up in US equities in February and early March. This may be a sell in May year, but I expect gains before then.
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